Four Weeks In…

Here is an update of all of the robbers in this year’s game…

Larry Lender

Larry Lender The Repeat Offender is in the hands of Dotty_Loves_You.
He has been picked up from his home cache, then grabbed, but not clocked any official miles yet.

owned by fretdancer

Pirate Pete (1 move) is currently in the hands of dazedemon.
Although he has travelled 61miles this is all through ‘visits’ to caches and he remains in the East Midlands

owned by sixxdog_uk

Desperate Dave is currently in the hands of batesandlaw.
They picked him up from his home cache on day5, and have been happily taking him around the East Midlands, clocking up 427.2miles!

owned by BenandJules

Robbie ‘The Voodoo’ Robber (2 moves) is in Shustoke Shocker.
Again he has been travelling for a while with one cacher, but is now waiting for his next ride.

PlasmaWave's RobberPlasmaWave’s Robber is in the hands of stuarthowe11.
He was picked up by them on day1 and has travelled 580.7miles with them, but they have promised a ride to The Bank quite soon!Robin Banks

Robin Banks, Hopefully!! (1 move) is in My Tree Hide 2.
He has traveled the grand distance of 5.92miles!

Don DolanDon Dolan – Irish Mafia Boss is in The not so old man of Calke
However, things are not looking promising for Don as I personally happened to have visited this cache last week and he was not there!

Julie Andrews is in Mease Meadow.Julie Andrews
She joined the game on day15 but has still not yet moved.

Deadbeat PeteDeadbeat Pete (1 move) is in Grumpy Artisans.
Has traveled a grand distance of 6.36miles as part of the game!!

keith the theif
Keith the Thief is in Ilson Transport links 2.
This is his home cache as he has only just re-joined the race after taking part last year.

BashBash is in STEPS BACK IN TIME.
He is still in his home cache.Heart Robber

Heart Robber (1 move) is in Furtho to go 1.
155miles has not moved her out of East Midlands!

'Eadcase 'Arry‘Eadcase ‘Arry is currently in the hands of Paneke.
They have taken him 7.3miles.

The Italian

The Italian Job is in ruperts walk – along the river:3.
However, it has not been seen in the cache!

Robba FettThe Borg Bank Robber is in the hands of fliss29.
He has not been seen for a week, now.

The Hoover Bandit

The Hoover Bandit- re-replacement is missing.
About to be reincarnated and redeployed.

Percy PlummerThe Pilfering Plumber is in the hands of SSouter.
They have promised to take him to Wales!

Wallace The Bank Robber in the hands of Daniel2c.Wallace The Bank Robber
Who has admitted that he will not move soon.

King Troll JokerThe King, the Troll and the Joker (1 move) is currently in the hands of STRENIE1.
They took him on a trip north, but have promised to send him back.

Robba Fett (1 move) is currently in Josh’s JauntRobba Fett

Robbers on the way home after robbing The Bank…

Robbie McThiefyRobbie McThiefy (4 moves)is currently in the hands of DizzyPair.
He joined the game from last year and was 1st to rob The Bank (South Coast) this year, on 1st March (see log here)

Buster The Punk

Buster “The Punk” (3 moves) is in M-Mayhem M27 J8
He was 2nd to rob The Bank (South Coast), on 6th March (see log here) and then narrowly avoided arrest!

Robbers who are out of the game…

The JanitorThe Janitor (1 move) was arrested on 3rd March by The Derby Bobby.
(see log here)

clint pobslug

Clint PobSlug the kid was arrested on 7th March by K9 Unit.  (see log here)

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