Bank Raid!!

It looks like it was a team effort this time…

DTJM and Kitey teamed up with Heart Robber they had this to say…

DTJM recounts their side of the story…
All bank heists take some planning and this was no exception. DT enlisted the help of secret agent, K, to intercept a robber that was travelling north of Milton Keynes. K is particularly well trained and accepted the instruction without question [^]. On reporting to HQ this afternoon that his mission had been successful, we agreed to meet in a local hostelry and plan the final part of the raid!

We set off under the cover of darkness and followed the instructions issued by K’s sat-nav to reach GZ.  Agent TJM was straight on the case and found the hidden vault without having to resort to explosives or violence!
A great idea and we will watch the antics of our robber with interest [^]. Thanks.

Kitey recounts their side of the story…
The day of the raid started early…. 
I was alerted to the presence of our accomplice, lurking in a cache near Pottersbury, Northants by DTJM. Following instructions, I drove the 7 or 8 miles from Milton Keynes (where I am working) at lunchtime to his hiding place in preparation for the secret smash and grab mission later in the day.
Sometime later… A long drive South to our rendevouz in a strange and remote drinking establishment, where someone had stolen all the beer. This could be a bad omen I thought. The final planning for the raid was undertaken. 
Much much later…. After kidnapping DT and blindly following the arrow of the Sat-Nav down miles and miles of dark and twisty country lanes, followed by TJM in the back-up getaway car, we finally arrived at the Bank. And very impressive it is too, but I know I would never be able to find it again without guidance from our accomplice. The raid itself, was all over very quickly with little fuss, but our trusty accomplice was left trapped in the bank as we made our escape.
TFTC and late night fun.

Heart Robber

Dropped OffDTJM placed Heart Robber in The Bank

He gets a shiny gold coin, and a new label, and will be on his way home shortly!

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