Keith the Thief and Julie Andrews

So it happened again! One of the featured robbers made it The Bank during the week after being featured!! Will the prediction run continue?
This week’s two robber to profile are from opposite ends of the spectrum in a number of ways. One is the most recent to join the game, the other one of the longest serving robbers, and there one has not traveled too far where the other one has traveled many miles…

Keith the ThiefKeith the Thief joined The Bank Job in 2012 and successfully robbed The Bank on 20th May, although all was not straight forward! Somewhere along the way he had lost his body- only the trackable tag and the label arrived at The Bank. He soon had a new body ‘so in the best traditions of soap operas, Keith will be played by another actor…’
He did not, however, make it home and instead took the gold and laid low in East England before stowing away on a skiing trip to Switzerland! He was soon discovered, though.. Today we found a unexpected traveller in our bags. While travelling through Switzerland this unwanted visitor participated our journey while skiing We have contacted UK through Interpol and decided to put him on a journey back to UK to finish his job.
He was duly sent back and joined The Bank Job 2013 and is now in his Home Cache waiting to be picked up for the latest mission! Will he make it in one piece this year?

Julie Andrews

Julie Andrews is the newest recruit, and is still very inexperienced with only 13miles under her belt, and that in the wrong direction for either of The Banks!

She seems to be exasperated by her ‘image’…
‘OK, so I sing and dance around Austria, but that doesn’t stop me being a ruthless criminal in my spare time!’

Let us see if she remains a ‘lonely goatherd’ or ‘climbs every mountain’!! (Sorry, but I couldn’t resist!)

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