Day 44…

Since most caches around here are under some snow it is not surprising that robbers have hunkered down and not moved much. It is good for me, however, because I have had a busy weekend and week so far so having loads to update would take ages!!

Robber News

Dropped OffPaneke placed ‘Eadcase ‘Arry in B4100 – Old Gated Road

Dropped OffDotty_Loves_You placed Larry Lender The Repeat Offender in Monsters Swap Box
then Retrieve It from a CacheMagellans apprentice retrieved him.

Retrieve It from a CacheVe8. retrieved The Hoover Bandit – replacement.

Dropped OffThe Banker placed Julie Andrews in Cricket Pitch Micro # 18 Tilford
from where Retrieve It from a CacheScouterwally retrieved her.

Retrieve It from a Cachedabtec retrieved Buster “The Punk”

Dropped OffDaniel2c placed Wallace The Bank Robber in The Fallen Tree’s

Police News

Dropped Offstevens family placed D.I.Chramm in Lady Jane Grey’s cache

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