Bank Raid!!

This one has been on the cards for a few weeks since stuarthowe11 picked up  PlasmaWave’s “The Bank Job” Robber and promised a trip south. But then it all seemed to go wrong as he was placed more locally. But it turned out to be a bluff as 

Grab It (Not from a Cache)

DJ_23 grabbed him.

Then shortly after the Bank was raided, and there was a not-so-suprising additional witness!

DJ_23 recounts their side of the story…
Found this cache tonight after being given the heads up from a friend who is part of EM cache.
By sheer coincidence I stumbled across a robber and thought I would drop it off tonight. 
Such a great idea for a challenge / unknown cache. 

stuarthowe11 recounts their side of the story…
Not quite sure what happened here, drove down to Portsmouth this morning a day earlier than anticipated. I wasn’t sure but I thought geochild was acting up, she kept saying rob. Turns out we may have been hijacked ! The cache wagon was spotted leaving north end at around 8.30pm and I found my car abandoned near the bank a short while later. A fellow cacher was nearby having retrieved my keys and I just happened to know him as well. Signed the log whilst I was there as well – would have been rude not too. Tftc !

PlasmaWaves Robber

Dropped OffDJ_23
 placed PlasmaWave’s “The Bank Job” Robber in The Bank

He gets a shiny gold coin, and a new label, and will be on his way home shortly!

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