Day 54…

I must say that I was worried as I logged on this morning. I had spotted a few posts on Facebook saying that people had got home to hundreds of caching emails. Thankfully there have not been hundreds of movements, but still quite a few…

Robber News

Retrieve It from a CacheMuddy_Puddles retrieved The Hoover Bandit
…then Dropped Offplaced him in HC Bridge

Retrieve It from a Cachedabtec retrieved Buster “The Punk”
…then Dropped Offplaced him him in #3 Pumba’s cache
It seems that this was logged incorrectly, so this is a correction.

Dropped OffThe Banker placed PlasmaWave’s “The Bank Job” Robber in Films were made here …….. GC and TB Hotel

Dropped Offfliss29 placed The Borg Bank Robber in SideTracked – Birmingham International

Retrieve It from a CacheGrumpy old Git retrieved Heart Robber

Grab It (Not from a Cache)leemawle grabbed Robba Fett 
Found it at dead mans chest in Stafford and taking it down to Banbury

A couple have gone well North!

Retrieve It from a Cachemuggles gone wild retrieved Robbie ‘The Voodoo’ Robber
…then Dropped Offplaced him in ‘Carry on Camping up Norf’
this is an event where he was discovered by Just-Us-Twomicky n dave and Karhut.
but eventually Retrieve It from a Cacheretrieved by BeanandNed

Dropped OffMagellans apprentice placed Larry Lender The Repeat Offender in Coniston Railway Hotel
…but then The PITZ reported that it was no longer there,
…because he had already been Retrieve It from a Cache
retrieved by Matt+Usha

Police News

Retrieve It from a CacheFamily Rollwrong retrieved Chief Inspector Taff

So as it stands there are 10 robbers in caches ready to be found, and five robbers on their way home from The Bank.

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