Day 57…

The Easter holidays continue to bring out the cachers, and we almost had another arrest!

Robber News

Retrieve It from a CacheThe Roos retrieved PlasmaWave’s “The Bank Job” Robber
Bank Job looks an interesting game. Nice shiny gold coin the old chap is carrying, will try to move him nearer his eventual goal. Could be his lucky day meeting me.

Retrieve It from a Cachebenlee7398 retrieved Buster “The Punk”
then Dropped Offplaced him in Lytes Cary

Almost Arrested!!

Dropped OffHaiselden family placed Pompey Plod in Hampshire Monthly Mid-week Meeting #52
… where he was discovered by !RedStag, blueteddy, DB54, mellers, Claire1978, cee-jay, thesmiths4040, Shebiedog, FfiLli and gavllew.

Grab It (Not from a Cache)Karhut grabbed Heart Robber
GOG is not going to any caches that can hold this TB.
I will drop it off at a meet tonight where it may get more luck with it’s adventure
… then Dropped Offplaced him in Hampshire Monthly Mid-week Meeting #52
…where he was discovered by DB54, Claire1978, cee-jay, thesmiths4040, Shebiedog and gavllew.

So technically they were both placed in the ‘cache’ a the same time. However, with both events and caches a tb can come and go between logs, and so unless evidence comes to light that they were both indeed at the event together, then I am afraid no arrest can be verified…

Retrieve It from a Cachechuckys-back retrieved Heart Robber
Rescued from the grasps of the Police just in time.

Retrieve It from a Cacheqrang retrieved Pompey Plod

As it stands there are 10 robbers in caches ready to be found, and 5 on their way home.

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