Bank Raid!!!

And this time it is The Bank (South Wales) for the first time!
The other Bank has been robbed 5 times, but this is the first for this one, and it just so happens to be a Welsh robber! It is also a big milestone for the cacher too!

It started last night when
Retrieve It from a Cacheprotheroes retrieved Percy the Pilfering Plumber from A44 CACHE & DASH
Ye-hah! Just so happened to be working in Aberystwyth, and i live close to The Bank I think, so home you come!

Then he was an accomplice to the robbery…
Cache number 1000!! and first robber!
I picked up Percy yesterday high in the Mid-Wales hills, and as luck would have it I work up there on a Monday. So off we go on a lovely sunny evening, and the loot is ours!
Thanks for providing something different for my milestone cache.

Percy Plummer


Dropped Offprotheroes placed Percy the Pilfering Plumber in The Bank

He gets a shiny gold coin, and a new label, and will be on his way home shortly!


He may be the first to rob this Bank, but will he be the first to get home?

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