We have a winner for 2013!
(Again this feels a bit anticlimactic!? I must be more prepared next year!)

Ten days ago we got a hint that he would get much closer to home… ‘Could be his lucky day meeting me‘ but then this seemed to come out of the blue! On Day 62 of the game the following log was posted…

PlasmaWaves RobberDropped OffThe Roos placed PlasmaWave’s “The Bank Job” Robber in Hathern TB Hotel
After retrieving the old bloke from A3 near Liphook saw east midlands was his eventual goal. Had to be in Leeds area on business soon so looked out couple of Leicestershire/
Nottinghamshire caches within easy reach of M1.

Running late on way up Monday so no time to divert, but coming back realised the old bloke’s home cache wasn’t that far from M1 so thought I’d make sure he arrived back safely. Good luck and behave yourself.

Congratulations to PlasmaWave. He was FTF on The Bank (South Wales), but his robber was the 5th robber to rob The Bank (South Coast), but the order doesn’t matter. He is the first to rob a bank and make it home.

There is a winner’s coin being arranged, and there will also be a 2nd and 3rd prize so still something for the other robbers to play for…

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