Day 67…

Despite already having a winner, the game continues for a 2nd and 3rd place!

Robber News…

Retrieve It from a CacheSapharica retrieved Wallace The Bank Robber
A newbie cacher, this is the first tb picked up- will they move it on!?

Dropped Offdazedemon placed Pirate Pete in Look! Ness

Retrieve It from a CacheTrevorsilk retrieved Keith the Thief
then Dropped Offplaced him in Heathrow TB Hotel

Retrieve It from a CacheMonstermunch2008 retrieved Deadbeat Pete
then Dropped Offplaced him in Cliff Walk 1

Retrieve It from a CacheTeam-Triplet retrieved Robin Banks, Hopefully!!
then Dropped Offplaced him in SideTracked/TB HOTEL – Manningtree Station

Dropped Offethel-the-frog placed ‘Eadcase ‘Arry in Park View

Dropped OffHartoftheMatter placed The Hoover Bandit in Take A Pew

Police News…

Retrieve It from a CacheRichKlink retrieved Pompey Plod
Almost taken out to Alicante!! A close shave.

Dropped OffRich_Tea placed Policeman Pat in Bagman Castle

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