PlasmaWave’s “The Bank Job” Robber

All said, this robber’s journey had been largely straightforward, a real professional job!

PlasmaWaves RobberOn the first day of the game, 12th February, he started his journey in Hathern TB Hotel and picked up straight away by stuarthowe11. Now, had another robber made it back first I think PlasmaWave would have good reason to blame stuarthowe11 because, for the next 32 days, he travelled around the East and West Midlands, visiting a total of 140 caches.


There was always the promise that he would be visiting the area of The Bank soon, but it started to look like it wasn’t going to happen! Then on 29th March he changed hands and DJ_23 dropped him in The Bank…

Not quite sure what happened here, drove down to Portsmouth this morning a day earlier than anticipated. I wasn’t sure but I thought geochild was acting up, she kept saying rob. Turns out we may have been hijacked ! The cache wagon was spotted leaving north end at around 8.30pm and I found my car abandoned near the bank a short while later. A fellow cacher was nearby having retrieved my keys and I just happened to know him as well. Signed the log whilst I was there as well – would have been rude not too. Tftc !

He was the 5th robber to rob The Bank.

Three days later he was on his way home, and was picked up by The Roos. Only two more caches to visit before they took the slight detour off the M1 to place him back into Hathern TB Hotel
After retrieving the old bloke from A3 near Liphook saw east midlands was his eventual goal. Had to be in Leeds area on business soon so looked out couple of Leicestershire/Nottinghamshire caches within easy reach of M1. Running late on way up Monday so no time to divert, but coming back realised the old bloke’s home cache wasn’t that far from M1 so thought I’d make sure he arrived back safely.

Congratulations PlasmaWave, your prize coin and tag will be with you soon!
winners coin  winner tag2

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2 Responses to PlasmaWave’s “The Bank Job” Robber

  1. Chris, the winner’s GC looks really good. Will be interesting to see who return home second & third and how long they take. Thanks for organising the race, providing the professional tracking system and keeping us updated. Your efforts are appreciated. Thx, Richard (PlasmaWave)

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