Day 81…

Although not a lot has happened since the last update, one of the robbers has been to an event so my inbox if packed with discoveries!

Robber News…

Grab It (Not from a Cache)Lynn_Steve89 grabbed ‘Eadcase ‘Arry
…then Dropped Offplaced him in Gargoyleosaurus: River Y
…then champersk9 retrieved him.

Retrieve It from a CacheClugs retrieved The King, the Troll and the Joker

Dropped Offchuckys-back placed Heart Robber in WWFM X- Hill Head
where he was discovered by The Barkhams!, mellers, FfiLli, TonyDev, j+b.arsenal, HeapsFamily, 1 box, Hexxy8, thepazzers, GeoJaxx, and Broyleboxers.
…and was eventually Retrieve It from a Cacheretrieved by 

Dropped OffOG&B placed Buster “The Punk” in The Jubilee Line #9

Police News…

Dropped OffFamily Rollwrong placed Chief Inspector Taff in Lock’s Lane 1

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