Day 83…

I am glad I updated just before the Bank Holiday because we had plenty more movement of robbers, not surprisingly.

Retrieve It from a CacheAJJR retrieved Robbie McThiefy from 1977 – The Other Stu’s 40th Birthday Series
…will drop him off in the Midlands – slightly closer to home.

Dropped OffMatt+Usha placed Larry Lender The Repeat Offender in Oulton Hall Golf Course BONUS

Retrieve It from a CacheSalix 🙂 retrieved Buster “The Punk”

Retrieve It from a Cachebluemorris retrieved Keith the Thief
Was checking out caches for the weekend visiting family in Denmead and noticed the bank. Searched for any robbers in need of an accomplice and noticed Keith in a cache not far from me. Popped out to pick him up! Discussing plans for the bank raid which will take place on Sunday. Will update when we can!!

Mark Missing

stuarthowe11 marked The Borg Bank Robber as missing.

Mark Missing

TheBayAdventurer marked Julie Andrews as missing.

Police News…

Retrieve It from a CacheAeronandArchie retrieved Chief Inspector Taff

Retrieve It from a CacheMyope retrieved K9 unit

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