2nd Place!!

A second robber has made it home.

A flash-mob is not the kind of ‘mob’ you expect a robber to be hanging around in, especially since she was still carrying the loot from her latest robbery! But that turned out to be a good tactic. Lots of people, all from different directions, and lots of possible rides to hitch.

qrang was the right person to latch onto because on day 84 of the game they logged this…

Heart Robber


Dropped Offqrang placed Heart Robber in A17 – TB hotel, her home cache.
A special detour from our East Midlands Church Micro frenzy to deliver Heart Robber back to home. Not the nicest of area but then probably a good den for a robber.

Congratulations to Nellsere. Heart Robber was the 3rd robber to make it to The Bank (South Coast) and she made it home in 54 days.

2nd tag


2nd prize is a personalised tag for her to wear on future travels…

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