Bank Raid!!!!

The second raid on The Bank (South Wales) and a very low-key affair!

This is because the ‘aiding and abetting’ cacher was so keen for it to be successful they didn’t log the robber in the cache until today, despite having dropped him off almost a week ago!

We first got wind of something happening when…

Found it

minto500 found The Bank (South Wales)
which is usually followed closely by a tb drop notification!

But not this time. After day without a tb drop I contacted minto500 to ask if they had actually dropped the robber we knew they had retrieved earlier in the week. They were quick to reply, saying that they thought he might get caught if they logged it, so they just dropped him under-the-radar! They have then been away for the weekend so only had chance to log him today…

Desperate DaveDropped Offminto500 placed Desperate ‘Dog Tag’ Dave : Robber in The Bank (South Wales)
He gets a shiny gold coin, and a new label, and will be on his way home shortly!

There is now only 3rd place to play for, so will he make it home in time?

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