Bank Raid!!!

The 8th Bank Raid, and the 6th for this bank!
bluemorris hinted that this was on the cards when they picked the robber up, but it took a few days for the story to unfold.

2 ft 6 joined them for the raid but bluemorris reports…
Met with 2ft6 and Keith the thief to plan our heist. Snuck through the woods, I went in first with 2ft6 on look out duty, and we soon had the bank in sight! Sent Keith in to do the deed and collect our treasure! Then dashed off to the getaway cars quick! Lovely day for a robbery.

Keith the ThiefDropped Offbluemorris placed Keith the Thief in The Bank
He gets a shiny gold coin and a new label, and he will be on his way home shortly.

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