Day 89…

So as well as a 2nd place returner and two bank raids there has been some other movement in the past week…

Robber News…

Grab It (Not from a Cache)

abiherts grabbed Julie Andrews
Wouldn’t you just know it! The day we report her as missing she turns up!

Retrieve It from a Cachebeavers clan retrieved Larry Lender The Repeat Offender
Took this tb & see it wants to go to south wales & as were off to south wales at the end of June

Grab It (Not from a Cache)

Geogarley grabbed Desperate ‘Dog Tag’ Dave : Robber

Retrieve It from a CacheNorfolk12 retrieved The Hoover Bandit – replacement

Retrieve It from a Cachecarpcachers retrieved Pirate Pete
Great TB with interesting goal. We will move Pirate Pete down to Hampshire with us today after visiting relatives up here.

Police News…

Dropped OffAeronandArchie placed Chief Inspector Taff in Carys’s Cache N’ Dash

Retrieve It from a Cacheexplorer_olway retrieved Pompey Plod

So as it stands there are only 3 robbers in caches waiting to be found, and now six robbers on their way home!


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