Century Update

Here is an update of all the robbers in this year’s race, on the eve of 100 days…

Robbers on the way to The Bank…

Larry Lender

Larry Lender The Repeat Offender (4 moves) is currently in the hands of beavers clan.
He has traveled an impressive 250miles for so few moves, but mostly in the wrong direction!!

owned by fretdancer

Pirate Pete (3 moves) is currently in Go Wild on the Moor.
Having now traveled an impressive 200miles, also in few moves, he is back on track after a visit to the North West.

owned by BenandJules

Robbie ‘The Voodoo’ Robber (3 moves) is currently in the hands of BazingaBunch.
Is incredibly well traveled having been to London and North-East since his last drop off! 540miles later he is apparently back on track.

Robin Banks

Robin Banks, Hopefully!! (4 moves) is currently in the hands of JackieB87x.
He has travelled well, clocking up 161.7miles, but is no closer to either goal.

Deadbeat PeteDeadbeat Pete (2 move) is in the hands of Tykes on Tour.
Having only travelled 31miles he has still not left the East Midlands


Bash is currently in the hands of ukcachemag. Having been marked as missing from his home cache, he was suddenly ‘retrieved’ just before the holder went on holiday to Portugal!! Still no full moves.

Robba Fett

Robba Fett (1 move) is currently in the hands of leemawle.
They have had him for a while and only taken him 21miles. They have been contacted and Robba is safe, and will be moved ‘soon’.

The Hoover Bandit

The Hoover Bandit- re-replacement (5 moves) is currently in the hands of mk rambling rose.
He has been doing much better since being re-replaced, and now clocked up nearly 600miles in the two Bank Jobs!

Wallace The Bank Robber

Wallace The Bank Robber (2 moves) in currently in Entology (Herts).
For only two moves he has moved an impressive 87miles, but is still not close to either bank.

King Troll Joker

The King, the Troll and the Joker (3 move) is currently in the hands of Lyrec_McKade.
Although they have only made 3 moves there has been much more ‘grabbing’ to clock 240miles, now back on track.


Robbers on the way home after robbing The Bank…

Robbie McThiefyRobbie McThiefy is currently in the hands of AJJR.
He joined the game from last year and was 1st to rob The Bank (South Coast) this year, on 1st March (see log here)
Even with over 900mile on the clock he has not moved far from The Bank, so still had a long way to go.

Buster The Punk

Buster “The Punk” is currently in the hands of Salix 🙂.
He was 2nd to rob The Bank (South Coast), on 6th March (see log here) and then narrowly avoided arrest!
He has travelled extensively in the South East, South West, London and East areas covering 900miles, but is still a way from home.

Julie Andrews

Julie Andrews is currently in the hands of abiherts.
She was 4th to rob The Bank (South Coast) on 19th March (see log here.)
Just after robbing the bank, she went missing, but was then found in someone’s bag two weeks later.

Percy PlummerThe Pilfering Plumber is in There’s more than one tree here!
He was the first to rob The Bank (South Wales) on 16th April (see log here.) Now in London, and not very close to home!

owned by sixxdog_uk

Desperate Dave is currently in Have a pew in Kew.
He was 2nd to rob The Bank (South Wales) on 3rd May (see log here.)
An impressive 2000 miles on the clock but still a long way from home!

Keith the Thief is in the hands of The Banker.keith the theif
He was the 6th to rob The Bank (South Coast) on 12th May (see log here.) In his second Bank Job he has now traveled over 1500miles, but is not yet home.

'Eadcase 'Arry‘Eadcase ‘Arry is currently in Key for Help.
He was 7th to rob The Bank (South Coast) on 19th May (see log here.)
The most recent robber to reach a bank, and still a long way home.


Robbers who have robbed The Bank and made it home…

1st Place
PlasmaWave's RobberPlasmaWave’s Robber
He was the 5th to rob The Bank (South Coast) on 29th March (see log here) and the first to make it home, on 17th April.
He travelled nearly 1000miles in the process. See his profile here.

2nd Place
Heart RobberHeart Robber
She was 3rd to rob The Bank (South Coast) on 13th March (see log here) and the second to arrive home, on 9th May.
She traveled nearly 500 miles in the process.


Robbers who are out of the game…

The JanitorThe Janitor (1 move) was arrested on 3rd March by The Derby Bobby.
(see log here)

clint pobslug

Clint PobSlug the kid was arrested on 7th March by K9 Unit.  (see log here)

Don DolanDon Dolan – Irish Mafia Boss
Marked as missing on 12th March

The Italian

The Italian Job
Marked missing on 29th March

Robba FettThe Borg Bank Robber.
Marked missing on 6th May


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