Day 107…

I have been away for a week on the south coast, but sadly not close to The Bank. The weather down there was great, but although there is a bit of robber movement there isn’t as much as I was expecting so maybe the weather up here wasn’t so good?

Robber News…

Dropped Offmk rambling rose placed The Hoover Bandit in Nearly Harmans Cross Station

Retrieve It from a CacheElmTrees retrieved ‘Eadcase ‘Arry

Retrieve It from a CacheEYPHKA retrieved Wallace The Bank Robber

Dropped OffSalix 🙂 placed Buster “The Punk” in Abbott’s Amble #12
…from where it was Retrieve It from a Cacheretrieved by rachel4391

Dropped OffThe Banker placed Keith the Thief in Films were made here …….. GC and TB Hotel

So there are only 2 robbers in caches at the moment, with 8 on their way home.

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