Day 115…

Surely a third place can make it soon! This is starting to drag on…

Robber News…

Grab It (Not from a Cache)

twinkandco grabbed Percy the Pilfering Plumber
It turns out he was not where he was logged!

Dropped OffBazingaBunch placed Robbie ‘The Voodoo’ Robber in TB 200
from where he was Retrieve It from a Cacheretrieved by NumptyNuggets

Dropped OffTykes on Tour placed Deadbeat Pete in #47 Ackworth Amble

Retrieve It from a CacheTravelling-MnM retrieved Pirate Pete
then Dropped Offplaced him in Films were made here …….. GC and TB Hotel
whilst also Retrieve It from a Cacheretrieving Keith the Thief
then Dropped Offplaced him in M1 Junction 10 – Luton Airport T/B Hotel

Dropped OffElmTrees placed ‘Eadcase ‘Arry in Scarlet Pumphouse

Dropped OffAJJR placed Robbie McThiefy in Spencer Park

Police News…

Dropped OffGolden Condor placed The Derby Bobby in Jonah’s Journey

So there are currently only two robbers in caches ready to be found, whilst there are still eight on their way back home.

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