Bank Raid!!!!

After the Welsh Bank getting some action it is back to The Bank (South Coast)

baconybits immediately got into the spirit of the game and left the following log when they Retrieve It from a Cacheretrieved Pirate Pete 6 days ago…
Yo Ho Ho Me Hearties.  Must decide which Bank t’ go and raid.  Arrr.  Me thinks I first need a Rum t’ help me.  Arrr.

They decided South Coast and went in for the raid…
Arrr. Entrance to The Bank was surrounded by very high stinging nettles, but swashbuckled my way in.  Dropped off Pirate Pete.  Arrr.  As Brucie would say “Good Game”.  Arrr.

Pirate Pete


Dropped Offbaconybits placed Pirate Pete in The Bank
He gets a shiny gold coin and a new label, and will be on his way home shortly!

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