Bank Raid!!!

This time a group effort on The Bank (South Coast)

The plan was hatched after Dropped OffGarner family placed The Hoover Bandit in Joey’s No15 Wayfarers Wander. All the robbers were being closely monitored by GeoJaxx who quickly Retrieve It from a Cacheretrieved him with their intentions made very clear…
I couldn’t believe my luck when I checked my emails and The Hoover Bandit had been dropped off in local cache but not in the actual bank so jumped in the car and sped round to the Joey’s No 15 hoping no other local cachers had got there first.  I had the biggest smile on my face as I picked up the box and saw him through the lid [:D]
     –I have been tipped off that there is going to be another bank heist very soon!

It may have been a lack of confidence or just a good awareness of her abilities but GeoJaxx knew she couldn’t do it alone so she assembled a team:
(G)eoJaxx, (I)ggeo, (M)ellers & Jacy(S)ioux became GIMS Angels who left the following reports…

“Pssst… What you doing in the morning? Want to rob a bank?”  This cryptic text came through last night!
So, this morning, we made a rendezvous at GIMS Angels HQ and we jumped into the getaway car to make our way to the bank. We were under sworn secrecy not to reveal the destination, our freedom would be in the balance! Hoover Bandit
At the designated spot, armed with our weapons (gloves and pistols (water that is!)), we made our way through the undergrowth and found the bank! Letting our robber do his stuff, we managed to get away with it and nobody caught us – phew…

GeoJaxx had the getaway vehicle; Iggeo had the safe-breaking skills; Mellers had look-out skills and an impressive hoard of (gardening) gloves; and I, JacySioux had a cache of (water) pistols…..

Hoover BanditOnce the car was parked, the tracking device sent us down a couple of wrong avenues before the correct one was finally found! Making sure gloves were worn the safe-breaker then went to work. Iggeo’s nimble fingers then produced the cache a short time later and our mark was left in the “loot book”. Unfortunately, in the rush to “replace as found”, Hoover Bandit got left behind…

It’s a waitin’ game innit? Ya bides ya time… Softly, softly catchy monkey, ‘n all that. When the heist is gonna be this big, ya don’t wanna go in wivout a plan… least that wot the Guv’nor says. An’ ya gotta listen to the Guv’nor, if ya know what’s what. I been playing me waitin’ game… watchin’ n waitin’…
Suddenly 18:04hrs 22nd June, the message came through. The Guv’nor had the hostage and he was singin’ like a canary. I think she kneecapped ‘im or summink, but ‘e gave up the location of the bank and the gang was SCRAMBLED!!!!!!
Come the mornin’, Guv’nor GeoJaxx scored herself some hot wheels and just needed some backup for the job. JacySioux was packin’ heat and Iggeo was rarin’ to go and itchin’ to crack the safe. The girls moved in and you could cut the tension with a knife. The perimeter was no match for GIMS Angels an’ Iggeo scored a blinder when she nabbed the safe. Ha ha ha! It the ‘igh life for me an’ mine now, lads.  You ain’t seen me ‘ere, right?

The bank had a good security system with plenty of tall nettles but they were no match for GIMS Angels  as we grabbed the safe.  I think we may have been picked up on the CCTV cameras but as the attached images show I think we were well disguised with masks and hoodies, so I think we got away with it…

Hoover Bandit

Dropped OffGeoJaxx placed The Hoover Bandit in The Bank
He gets a shiny gold coin and a new label, and will be on his way home shortly!


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