Day 129…

The robbers keep moving; some towards The Bank, and some towards home…

Dropped OffNumptyNuggets placed Robbie ‘The Voodoo’ Robber in Jacobstow : Aveegotun

Retrieve It from a CacheThe Banker retrieved Pirate Pete
…then Dropped Offplaced him in Films were made here …….. GC and TB Hotel


Dropped OffSmiglet placed Keith the Thief in Motorway Mayhem M1 J20 TB Hotel N & S Bound

Dropped OffMeerkatUK placed CORRUPTO! in Sopwith Pup
.. from where he was Retrieve It from a Cacheretrieved by Ryesif 

This leaves only 1 out of 8 robbers in caches ready to be found, and 9 on their way home.

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