Day 136

Last year we saw the third robber make it home on day 133, although the game started later so that was not until August. This year we are still waiting for third place! I had mused the thought of calling it a day at the end of June, but with so many on their way home it would a big anti-climax, so we wait…

Robber News

Dropped OffEYPHKA placed Wallace The Bank Robber in Eibia: Spionage im Kistenlager
Our first robber to leave the country!

Retrieve It from a Cachestuarthowe11 retrieved Pirate Pete
…back to Leicestershire next weekend for you I think
Pete seems to be a strong contender for 3rd place!?

Dropped OffMGowners placed Deadbeat Pete in Hincaster Trail: North End
…even further away!

Dropped Offimbamps placed ‘Eadcase ‘Arry in Around English Bicknor #1 – Coldwell Rocks

Dropped OffThe Banker placed The Hoover Bandit in Films were made here …….. GC and TB Hotel

Dropped Offrachel4391 placed Buster “The Punk” in Hello Huntingdonshire #37

Dropped OffRyesif placed CORRUPTO! in Kobe’s Watering Hole

So at this point there are 4 out of 8 robbers on the way to the bank are in caches ready to be found, and 9 on the way home.

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