3rd Place!!

We have our third and final prize place!! It looked like it could be one of two possibilities, and it was the more

After being picked up two days ago by Muddy Puddles, he has visited 55 caches before making it home! And it seems he was not the easiest of caching buddies…probable that made it!

Heart Robber

Dropped OffMuddy_Puddles placed Pirate Pete in Kirkby Heights
Having made his way down to the South Coast Bank, “borrowed” some   serious gold and then hot-footed it back towards home, Pirate Pete had found his way into my caching bag, demanding that I take him towards his goal with various threats of making me walk the plank and annoying shouts of “Aaaarrrr, me hearties” at every opportunity. 
I decided the best way to shut him up would be to take him home. He was eager to count up his booty and hide it away although if there’s a Mrs Pirate Pete she has likely already got plans for most of it.

Congratulations to fretdancerPirate Pete was the 8th robber to make it to The Bank (South Coast), after a brief detour to the North East and after the 1st and 2nd place had already made it home. He then took and she made it home in an impressive 17 days.

3rd prize is a personalised tag for him to wear on future travels…3rd Place

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One Response to 3rd Place!!

  1. Smudger105e says:

    And Keith the Thief was soooo close too.

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