Day 151…

So the third robber has made it home to snatch the final prize, but there are still 7 robbers with labels requesting a lift to The Bank, and nine robbers still trying to get home. So although I won’t update here as regularly I will still try and keep the map up-to-date.

Robber News…

Dropped OffDie Nemos placed Wallace The Bank Robber in Nur Zahlen

Retrieve It from a Cachekatiegremlin retrieved Desperate ‘Dog Tag’ Dave : Robber

Retrieve It from a CacheThe_Liveleys retrieved Keith the Thief
…then Dropped Offplaced him in Post Haste Ticknall Revisited

Retrieve It from a Cachedoglet retrieved Deadbeat Pete

Dropped Offbeavers clan placed Larry Lender The Repeat Offender in A 40 Boar
…then Retrieve It from a Cachegouldvans retrieved him

Retrieve It from a CacheAtomicJonny retrieved ‘Eadcase ‘Arry

Police News…

Retrieve It from a Cachegladstone8 retrieved The Derby Bobby
…then Dropped Offplaced him in 08 Barham Barnacle

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