Bank Raid!

The first robber to rob a bank after the game has finished belongs to last year’s winner. A bit behind the pack this year…

Ccstar gave this report…
A message was put out on the South Wales Geocaching Facebook page advertising the need for a get away driver for the elusive Larry Lender. He needed to get to Llantwit Major as several of his rivals had already robbed that and other banks and he was severally behind in his mission. I offered my services knowing that I could be persuaded on making a trip down south in the hot pursuit of some loot.

All was quiet as we approached GZ and I let Larry go ahead whilst I sat with the engine running, I could vaguely see Larry using his safe cracking skills to break through into the bank but that’s when I lost him and I waited and waited…. but I couldn’t wait any longer, I was scared the police were going to turn up so I was out of there. I hope Larry gets the gold he was after and can make his way home without being caught.

Hoover Bandit


Dropped OffCcstar placed Larry Lender The Repeat Offender in The Bank
He gets a shiny gold coin and a new label, and will be on his way home shortly!


This week also saw a first…
DTJM visited The Bank (South Walkes) without a robber. He already had the co-ordinates because he helped Heart Robber rob The Bank (South Coast) earlier in the year!
He is the first person to find both Banks!

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