Bank Raids!

Both Banks have been raided…

Robin Banks


The Butchers’ Hook placed Robin Banks, Hopefully!! in The Bank (South Wales)


Deadbeat Pete


tpot2012 placed Deadbeat Pete in The Bank (South Coast)

tpot2012, Mr Meekal, losailor, and Eriba06 made up Team PLEMT…

After a well planned meet at Waterlooville, everyone in Team Plemt aka the Mob were given explicit directions to complete the heist. All was going to plan when we were discovered by a lorry driver in dubious circumstances.  The photos will explain all. Suffice it to say, we was there and dropped off the TB. TFTC

Team PLEMT (the usual suspects) were out in force today for “the job.” No problems casing the joint but a few witnesses had to be moved on (the pickaxe handles were useful here) and we were in and out, nay bother. Many thanks to our informant Molly Mellers for the tip off about the chance to take the bank.

Team PLEMT wos mob ‘anded for this one – ‘avin ‘add a tip from that mol Mellers we wos really up for it. Two cars was ordered up and we RVd in the vicinity without attractin’ too much attention.  A clean job except we wos nearly rumbled by a lorry driver wot asked if he would be seein’ us on the telly tonight. ‘E didn’t get far.

Cracked this Bank job in collusion with the villains of Team PLEMT and caught on camera by losailor. Made a clean getaway but now on ‘Wanted poster.
[;)] [8D] TFTC.

Both receive a gold coin and are now on their way home!

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