Bank Raid!!!

With one robber looking like he is missing, another in Germany and another having changed its mission it looks like this might just be the last Bank Raid!

It was looking good when arm-chair picked him up…
Been waiting for this to come close for some time.

Then later that day…
I’ve been watching the Robbers for the Bank Job for several months hoping that one would come near enough for me to grab and drop off here.  I was therefore totally surprised when  a notification came through last night that The King, the Troll and the Joker had been dropped off in Newport at a cache that I had found in 2009.
Dashed out early this morning and grabbed it, returned home for supplies and an accomplice and drove over to the Bank after a lunch break in Cowbridge.

Robber now safely ensconced in the Bank.  I think it must have already suffered great financial losses though, as its outer defences are soaking wet.

King Troll Joker


Dropped Offarm-chair placed The King, the Troll and the Joker in The Bank

He will be given a shiny gold coin and se on his way home!

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