Final Summary

OK, time for a final round up of where each robber has got to…
Thank you to all who took part. The Bank Job 2013 started with 24 robbers (one less than 2012.) 16 of the robber made it to one of The Banks (11 did it in 2012.) So far, 7 have made it home (only 3 had at this stage in 2012, although 6 did in total.)

Plans are underway for The Bank Job 2014 to start in February, so look out for that.

Robbers who still haven’t made it to The Bank…

Wallace The Bank Robber

He has travelled 1519.3miles, but sadly in the wrong direction. After heading South he then headed West to Germany, where he is still seeing the country!

Robbie ‘The Voodoo’ Robber
Did go south, then changed direction to head for Wales, then just stayed in the West Midlands! He has now had his mission changed to return home.

Robba Fett
After only one move he was picked up by a newbie, and has not been dropped off since! It looks like he is missing.


Robbers who are on the way home…

Deadbeat Pete
He reached The Bank (South Coast) on 22nd August, and since then has been touring the South of England. Still a long way to get home.

Larry Lender The Repeat Offender
Larry headed North, then down in Wales to rob The Bank (South Wales) on 26th July. Since then he has headed down towards the South Coast.
A long way from home!

Julie Andrews
After joining the game a but late, she made a quick dash to The Bank (South Coast) on 19th March. She then seems to go missing, but resurfaced quite close to home in the West Midlands. Since then she has headed East, though.

He seems to go missing out of his first cache, but then resurfaced and made a steady pace down to The Bank (South Coast) on 17th July. Since then he has been travelling in the South East with sign of heading home.

Keith the Thief
After robbing The Bank last year, he refused to come home and instead went skiing! He made his way back for this year’s Bank Job but joined the game late. He made good progress to The Bank (South Wales) on 12th May. He then made good progress home and arrived in the East Midlands on 18th June, but has not rushed to his home cache!

‘Eadcase ‘Arry
‘Arry has been to a lot of caches in the hands of different people! He made it to The Bank (South Wales) on 19th May but since then has not found the right travelling companion. He has been to Scotland, North Wales and is currently travelling around the South West. No sign of coming home.

The Hoover Bandit
He was reincarnated after going missing from last year’s race and this time made a slow journey to The Bank (South Coast). He visited a lot of caches along the way but eventually made it on 23rd June. He made it back to the East Midlands on 12th September, but didn’t head home. He is currently in Yorkshire!

Robin Banks- Hopefully!
He started off in the wrong direction, but then headed back to The Bank (South Wales) on 15th August, one of the later visitors. He has since headed to the South East and shows no sign of heading home!

The King, Troll and Joker
The last robber to make it to The Bank! He comes from Sweden and has taken a long time to get anywhere, having only visited a few caches but not reaching The Bank (South Wales) till 19th September! He remains in Wales.

Robbers who have made it home successfully…

PlasmaWave’s Robber
The winner! He was not the first to get to The Bank (South Coast), making it on 31st March, but he was the first home on 17th April!

Heart Robber
2nd Place went to this lovely lady. She was fourth to rob The Bank (South Coast,) on 13th March, and then home on 9th May.

Pirate Pete
After successfully making it home after last year’s Bank Job he joined this year and improved his record! He made it to The Bank (South Coast) on 16th June, and then made a quicker journey home by 8th July to clinch third place.

Buster “The Punk”
He was the second to get to The Bank (South Coast,) on 6th March. He narrowly avoided arrest due to an error in police procedure, but got home, just too late to medal, on 29th July.

The Pilfering Plumber
The first robber to get home after robbing The Bank (South Wales). Originally from Wales he made it to The Bank on 16th April. He then saw a bit of his homeland before getting back on 14th August.

Desperate Dave
He robbed The Bank (South Wales) on 3rd May and then took his time getting home. In fact, technically he never actually made it home as his owner retrieved him from a nearby cache on 24th Augs and the the prizes were gone anyway!!

Robbie McThiefy
After not making it home until after the race last year, he set off to redeem himself. Which he did as the first to rob The Bank (South Coast) on 1st March. His journey home was not so speedy, but at least he did get home this year, on 1st September.

Robbers out of the game…

The Janitor, Clint Pobslug The Kid were arrested on the way to The Bank.
Don Dolan- Irish Mafia Boss, The Italian Job and The Borg Bank Robber all went missing.

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