The Bank Job 2014

Details and official info will be announced after Christmas, but it isn’t too early to start getting ready for the 1st Feb start.

Remind yourself of the basic game set-up here.

Make sure you have a robber attached to a trackable tag, ready. If you don’t already have one, then how about an official Bank Job Trackable Tag…

There are three options for getting the Official Bank Job Tag from My Geogear….
i) Order a tag with a new trackable code for £7.23 (click here)
ii) Alternatively, if you already have a tracking code (maybe from a tb that has gone missing) then you can order this design with your tracking code on the back for £6.48 (click here)
iii) Or, if you are coming to the launch event on 31st January you can order it (click here) without postage costs – £4.38, and it will be sent to me in bulk. Then I will distribute them at the event.
Event details to be confirmed…

You can see all these details here.

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