The MEGA Bank Job

vaultThe Bank Job 2014 will begin on 1st February 2014, and this year it has gone MEGA!!!  Entries now being taken.

For those who have not played before, The Bank Job is a trackable game for EMcache members.

robberThe aim is for your ‘robber’ attached to a travel bug tag to travel to The Bank and ‘steal’ a gold coin. Then return to the same cache it started from. The winner will be the first to do this.
(If you are not already a member of EMcache, see how you can enter here)
(If you entered last year then see here for info)

This year, the target is the treasury of the 7th UK Mega Event in Scotland. The committee and other fundraisers have been busy raising money to fund the Mega Event next summer in Ayrshire, Scotland. So our robbers are set to get their sticky mitts on that money!

They have heard of The Bank Job, though, so have tried to outwit us by splitting the funds between two banks on either side of Scotland; one in Edinburgh and one close to the Ayrshire Mega camping site.  Your robber can win by ‘robbing’ either of the banks.
(The exact location of each bank can only be found attached to a robber.)

As usually there will also be Policemen TBs sent out to catch your robbers. If your robber is ever in the same cache as a Policeman then it is out of the game.
As well as local officers around the East Midlands and each Bank area, there will be air support this year from VAST Comm Centre– a group of real police cachers in Florida who have heard about our game!

You can use any travel-bug tag trackable on and there needs to be a chain or other undo-able attachment that the coin can be added to later.
If you want you can get an official Bank Job Tag from 
MyGeoGear either with a new trackable number or with a number you already have as a replacement tag. See their website for more info.
Also, why not rub it in their faces and use a UK Mega Trackable Tag!!! 

To enter you will need to contact me with your details but see for more info and the details you will need to send.

In the next few days I will be publishing a launch event in the East Midlands, on 31st Jan. If you have entered then you can collect your labels to attach, and any tags you have ordered from MyGeoGear (without postage!). Everyone else will get them by email on 1st Feb.

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One Response to The MEGA Bank Job

  1. Kelly says:

    Happy Caching New Year’s Eve from the VAST Comm Center located in central Florida, USA. On January 1st our site will announce details of Operation Horse and Project Capricorn. A mutual aid virtual airborne law enforcement request has been tendered and accepted. One of our Pilot Deputy Sheriff (call sign – Aviation-5) is all ready in country working the West Midlands near Birmingham with his Copilot. We have secured a lease agreement with the National Police Air Service for use of aircraft and bases with our contractor, KASCAN. Our intelligence sources have learned that a known thief here in the US has bragged about going international and stepping it up a notch in his sticky finger crime spree!

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