The robbers are starting to enter their names for The Mega Bank Job, so the list of wanted criminal is rising. However, that is not all that is ‘Wanted’!!

WANTED- Assistant Admin
Would anyone be interested in helping me run The Bank Job? The main reason for needing this is that I am away from 6th-16th February, right at the start of the game! This is a critical time when lots of action takes place and regular updates to the blog and to the map are much needed. I really don’t want to have to take my computer away with me and to pay for roaming data! So I am looking for someone who could update the blog and map for at least these 10 days. After that, if you are keen to stay involved I would happily share the workload for the rest of the game!!

I suppose it is ideally someone who already had a bit of an idea how to update blogs, although this is not too hard so could be learnt quickly. Also to use google maps, but I suspect any geocacher has had to wrestle with google maps at some point!?

Anyway, if you are interested and willing then get in touch asap and I will set you up with access to the sites and go through the relevant procedures for coordinating a Mega bank Job!!

tbbankjob@gmail.com or comment below

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