3 days to go…

Only three days to the start of The Mega Bank Job!! We already have at least 24 entries, although not everyone has got their info to me. A robber can enter at anytime after the start, but must not be released before 1st Feb!!

At the launch event on Friday I will bring some laminated labels to attach, and then when I get back I will email one to everyone else so you can print them and attach them yourself. If you do drop them in the home cache on he way home them please don’t log them till Saturday.

If you want any help with your tb page then click here

Final briefing should commence and robbers dressed, ready to go…

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One Response to 3 days to go…

  1. Kelly says:

    cHris… I admin (note) dropped TheDewdMyster in the event cache just before 23:30 GMT. Not sure of home cache so you can grab and relocate as needed. Thanks for all the background work you have done to assist me.

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