Day 1…

And they’re off!! Well, some of them anyway.

Dropped OffThe following robbers have been placed in their home caches…
Ronnie The RobberSams Getaway CarDrake Dastardly – Robber DuckDarth RaiderThe JanitorTheDewdMysterRobbie McThiefyFreddie le FoxSpire67’s Halloween PumpkinRobert the Robber and Gromit The Bank Robber.

Then pretty quickly…
Retrieve It from a CacheThe Haywood Hornet retrieved Robbie McThiefy
Robbie has claimed an early lift but where will it take him?

Retrieve It from a CacheSaga Louts retrieved The Janitor
Well here we gooooooo !!!!

Retrieve It from a CacheSaga Louts retrieved TheDewdMyster
Can get it to North Yorkshire in a couple of weeks [:)]….

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2 Responses to Day 1…

  1. Kelly says:

    Police Scotland has been made aware of the increasing criminal activity in the East Midlands today. As a result Police-51 has re-positioned and placed on alert at the Giffnock Police Station south of Glasgow. VAST Comm Center (FaceBook) news has reported the activity.

  2. Jo Rich says:

    Not sure if my robber has been set on his merry way as yet!

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