The Game begins in just a few minutes!! Trackables have been dropped in home caches on the way home from the event and will be logged tomorrow, then The Banks will be published at midday!!

It was good to meet some of this year’s entries tonight…
The JanitorRonnie the RobberTheDewdMysterRobbie McThiefy,  Darth RaiderBilbo the Bank BurglarDrake Dastardly – Robber Duck!Gromit the Bank RobberThe Grizzly RobberRobber RobinBea the Beady-Eyed Bank Robber and Commissioner Rodz were all there tonight. Sorry if I missed someone!

I have tried to get the website all up to date, so it would be helpful if you could check all of your info. Check that the links go to the right places etc. Check all your info is correct. If you spot a mistake or a wrong link then send me a message.

If you have sent me your details but it is not there then also get in touch as I think I have done everyone so I may have lost it!

It is not too late to enter, you can do so at anytime. We have 24 entries so far and I know of another 5 intending on entering in the coming days!!


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4 Responses to Tomorrow!

  1. Kelly says:

    Police-51 has sent a radio check to Ayrshire Police patrol. It seems we are the thin blue line to protect and serve the citizens of Scotland from this impending threat from the East Midlands.

  2. Pete Mason says:

    Aaargh, knew I’d forgotten something. details will be with you tomorrow

  3. Kelly says:

    FYI… noticed that the fast paced Robbie McThiefy is not in the current players card list… TB4N3RH.

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