Day Three…

And more are off, but still plenty to go too…

Dropped OffThe following robbers were placed in their home cache…
“Elderly Rob”Commissioner Rodz (retired)Valerio Viccei – Bank RobberDavy “The Blue Fox” Pigg and Bella “Frog Charmer” Trembles.

Then, of course, where a tb is placed, a tb gets picked up, so…

Retrieve It from a Cachenorthking retrieved Drake Dastardly – Robber Duck
Spotted this chap acting suspiciously on a side road not far from a large posh gaff.  It appeared that he may have been helping himself to some of the goodies from inside so I asked that he accompany me.  He agreed.  I had hoped to question this ‘Robber Ducky’ and see if he would ‘quack’ but it appears that he is determined to avoid being hauled up in front of ‘The Beak’ as he has bigger plans to hatch.

Retrieve It from a Cachebatesandlaw retrieved “Elderly Rob”
Will try to see if i can get him anywhere near Scotland

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