Day Four …

Dropped OffA few more robbers have been placed in their home caches…

Pirate PeteThe Terrible TwoShotGun Stu.

No sooner have some of the Robbers been dropped off then they are already on the move !!!

Retrieve It from a Cachebatesandlaw retrieved Shotgun Stu and Freddie le Fox.

Going to Scotland next month so will move on then.

Retrieve It from a CacheToshack61 retrieved Pirate Pete and The Terrible Two. Although I think these might be going in the wrong direction ???

Heading south and will hopefully find somewhere suitable for this one .

And finally for today, Drake Dastardly has been placed where he can hopefully cadge a lift further up North ???

Dropped Offnorthking placed Drake Dastardly – Robber Duck in Blythe Services TB Hotel.

Hopefully placed to travel further North. I’m keeping my eye on you!

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