Day 6

A couple of quite days really although there has been a little movement.

Retrieve It from a CacheHighcoft-Hunters retrieved Sams Getaway Car and Ronnie the Robber.

No sooner picked up than dropped off !!!

Dropped OffHighcroft-Hunters placed Sams Getaway Car and Ronnie the Robber in M6 Junction 3 – Pit Stop.                                                                                                                                  Having previously found this cache I remembered the location to drop off two tb’s which are in a race up to Scotland. Hopefully they will get picked up by someone travelling in the right direction !

Looks like Police-51 On Patrol has had some extra equipment installed. The Robbers had better watch out !!!                                                                                                                   Police-51 this is Base Ops…           02:35 GMT – Maintenance has installed additional cockpit equipment. Warning Panel, Caution/Advisory Panel and a Digital Information Display. Full integration has not been completed.  Request your pilot do some functional checks and provide feedback.  

Base Ops 10-64.

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One Response to Day 6

  1. The virtual Police Scotland and especially the air service (Police-51) will make every effort to apprehend and prosecute with prejudice those affiliated with the Chramm Crime Syndicate. Even though the virtual helicopter has not gotten all of it’s airborne law enforcement systems fully operational to assist our pilot’s… rest assured they will by the time any of those East Midlands robbers cross the border.

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