Day 9

End of the weekend has seen a couple more pick ups.

Retrieve It from a Cachemagwai retrieved Davy Pigg from his home cache.

A dangerous desperado is now on the loose!

Retrieve It from a CacheThe Mighty Shark retrieved Bella Trembles from her home cache.

And so your adventure begins…….. Not exactly the quickest getaway vehicle but I know where there is a nice Narrow-boat you could escape on, though no faster than 4 MPH please [:P]

Retrieve It from a Cacheketts retrieved Bilbo the bank burglar from PCP:05 Railway

And that seems to be the end of the moves for this weekend ?

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One Response to Day 9

  1. Edinburgh Bank alarm went off around 19:00 GMT yesterday. However, Base Ops had connectivity issues and did not get the call until six hours later. Police-51 has been alerted and an attempt to muster a flight crew is in progress to reposition east to Edinburgh. Maintenance has uploaded current operational aircraft systems for this dasterdly career criminal. VAST Comm Center news channel posted an overnight preliminary coverage story.

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