Day 16

Quite a lot of movement at the end of the weekend !!!

Retrieve It from a CachePumpkin67 retrieved Drake Dastardly – Robber Duck from Blythe Services TB Hotel.

picked up while heading to Leeds. Hope to find something bigger than a 35mm pot. if not it might end up heading south

Retrieve It from a CacheTeam Ledwidge retrieved  Darth Raider from his Home Cache.

Retrieve It from a Cachedazla66 retrieved Pirate Pete from Motorway Mayhem M62 Hartshead Services

Dropped Offmagwai placed Davy Pigg in Milton Brook

And a policeman is now on the move. Robbers watch out !!!!!

Retrieve It from a Cacheglamrockangels retrieved D.I.Chramm from CS code #5

Finally it looks like Police-51 on Patrol is going all out for certain robbers. (Bulletin)

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One Response to Day 16

  1. Police-51 has launched (14:30 GMT) and is enroute to Edinburgh.

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