Day 17

A fair bit of Movement at the start of the week, But watch out Robbers the Cops are on lying in wait !!!

Dropped OffSaga Louts placed TheDewdMyster in Of Course.

Dropped OffSaga Louts placed The Janitor in Strangled Oak.

Dropped OffThe Banker placed Robbie McThiefy in Hawthornden Station – Mega Safe House.

I’ll let you get away with Robbing my Bank this time Robbie, but be warned you are being watched!!

Write note emmakeeling posted a note for Robert the Robber.

Believe this TB is in the hands of ‘perplexedpuffins’ as per their log on 2nd Feb 2014 – maybe it will eventually show up??

And finally the police are moving into position.

Dropped OffQuadbarrel placed Police-51 on Patrol in Edinburgh TB Hotel.

Accommodation found. The net is closing on the robbers……


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2 Responses to Day 17

  1. Once again McThiefy has slipped through the local police perimeter. A Leicester sympathizing accomplice and rozzer basher. Police-51 is awaiting a pilot… hopefully can get some cross-country flying south… ROBBIE is on our targeting map!

  2. Kelly says:

    You have got to be kidding me! McThiefy has another non-stop ride! Now back home! Well la de da. At least cops got within 5.3km. We probably gave your driver a hint when he checked out our TB page when he stopped in at the TB Hotel… and decided against us and went to the “dark” side. Ho hum there is yet more fish in the sea to catch…

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