We have a Winner!!!

Unbelievably on Day 19 of the game, in record time Robbie McThiefy has made it home!!!

I can only be down to experience and home advantage!! Although, saying that he has a pretty good record…

In 2012 he was 3rd to rob The Bank in London on Day 11, but then failed to make it home before the end of the game.
In 2013 he was the first to rob The Bank, choosing the one of the South Coast on Day 19. This time he did make it home, but not until Day 203, coming in 7th place.

In previous years it could have been claimed that it was an inside job although, of course, it wasn’t. But that is because his owner, geoibsons, was involved in organising the game. Geoibsons was part of the original planning team along with Spire67 and myself, and since she had just moved to London she became the first Banker. Then, although The Bank moved, she remained close to the game as she passed the role onto her Mum to be The Banker (South Wales).

This year, however, she has simply been a spectator and supporter! A very enthusiastic one, though, as she drove up from London for the evening to attend the Launch Party Event!!!

It is maybe well deserved then that Robbie McThiefy was Retrieve It from a Cacheretrieved by Haywood Hornet on Day 1 (before his tb page had been updated with the new game details!)…
Robbie has claimed an early lift but where will it take him? I take it that I am working to the instructions on the travel tag rather than what is written on the TB’s own cache page? (Edinburgh and Portsmouth are in opposite directions!)

…and then Dropped Offdropped off at The MEGA Bank (Edinburgh) on Day 8.
I reached the bank today and with a little help from The Haywood Hornet, broke into the safe – unfortunately he is not as good at safe braking as I am and made a bit of a mess of it!

He had been here before, though, robbing The Bank early but then not getting back. This time, though Smiglet arrived…
Robbie’s getaway vehicle has arrived, time for his escape to Leicestershire with me! 🙂
Turns out I’m on another job in Cheshire on Thursday, so it looks like I’ll be escorting him and his booty all the way home! 🙂

But not before doing a little sight seeing around Dundee…





Then finally, on Day 19…

Robbie McThiefyDropped OffSmiglet placed Robbie McThiefy  in Robbers’ Safe House
After a last minute call from my boss to say I’m needed elsewhere tomorrow, it looked like Robbie’s plan had unfolded at the very end, but after a lot of growling in his Scottish accent, and prodding me with that rather sharp sword, I agreed to drop him off home anyway.
Oi, come back here! Where’s my cut you thieving little…

I am afraid I am not organised enough to have the prize ready, but the shiny gold winner’s coin will look something like this… winners coin

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One Response to We have a Winner!!!

  1. Congrats… from all of us PigsThatFly here in the US. Despite the efforts of KASCAN, Quadbarrel along with our support team at Base Ops and VAST Comm Center… Police-51 got within 10km (5.3mi) or an estimated 11-minutes by roadway until a “pilot” change was required at the TB Hotel. McThiefy, Haywood Hornet and Smiglet …Thanks for the fast pace start and teaching us a new slang for police is “rozzers.” Okay, a new beginning is upon us… bring it on! There are about 27 more of you blokes out there.

    Hey McThiefy… bet you can’t do the Ayrshire Bank branch too and become the MEGA ROBBER KING of 2014. I know you want too. It’s in you and you think you are so much better robber than the rest of them. Besides your lady owner lives in LONDON now and needs more money to cover her expenses. What does the cHramm syndicate boss say to that? Nothing to lose. I don’t believe a word from that Smiglet post about Caribbean getaway. I know one bank job can’t possibly net enough at today’s exchange rates.

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