The Olympic Effect

Having been out to the Olympics I have caught the fever! So with a winner yesterday taking Gold, it seems only right that we have a silver and bronze too!?
So, for the first time, there will be a Gold Coin for the winner- well done geoibsons, and also a Silver Coin for 2nd Place, and the a Bronze Coin for 3rd Place- still 2nd and 3rd Place to play for.
(Robbie McThiefy has been challenged to set off again for the other Bank!? Could he get another prize too??)

Mega Gold CoinMega Silver CoinMega Bronze Coin

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One Response to The Olympic Effect

  1. PigsThatFly says:

    Be it known that we have consulted with our law enforcement colleagues in the US about McThiefy. An FBI BAU (Behavior Analysis Unit) profiler has informed us that McThiefy has the personality traits to escalate his robbery tendencies. Police-51 and the Mega Policeman are waiting.

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