Day 23

Only a couple of moves over the weekend.

Retrieve It from a Cachesue&ian retrieved Bilbo the bank burglar from A MOOooooving Return

Retrieve It from a CacheSaga Louts retrieved Buster Banks from Pressie Box

GOT YA !!!!.  Lucky I’m not the police [;)].  Might be able to get you a great deal closer to the bank very soon !!!.

Dropped Offdazla66 placed Pirate Pete in Traveller’s Choice

And watch out a Bobby is on the prowl !!!

Retrieve It from a CacheThe_Thorns retrieved D.I.Chramm from KRR #5 Mrs Tiggy-Winkle!

Collected him from Calverton and hoping to move him on soon, I hear there may be a robber near by.

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2 Responses to Day 23

  1. PigsThatFly says:

    Hello East Midlands Police… How about a little heads up on these new robbers that have entered? Are they on the Tracking map? Our crime analysis team is not pleased with the lack of info from your department! Just kidding… not… well maybe. So far spotted two newbies. That is 29 on active list without Robbie. I’ve got one on our list extra compared to you. Not sure who yet.

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