Day 34

Another condensed post as only a few moves have been made…

Retrieve It from a CacheSteve73306 retrieved The Terrible Two- BenandJules EmCache Robber from Motorway Mayhem M62 Hartshead Services

Picked up on my way to RAF Digby for Xmas meal and homecoming of my brother in law after his 9 months away.   I can take this up to The Lake District in 3 weeks if that will help.

Dropped OffPhil08 placed Pirate Pete in Tawny Conquered

Dropped Offducky68 placed The Derby Bobby in Fiddlers Forage 10

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One Response to Day 34

  1. Yawn… One of our non-jurisdiction cops “Aviation-5” is down in Isle of Wight again. Trying to get him over to pick up the robber for “questioning” and move north a bit. We shall see if a detour to assist can be made.

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