Day 36

A few more moves now the weather is starting to get better…

Dropped OffReyLeps placed Valerio Viccei – Bank Robber in #2 Geohound Walk

Dropped OffThe Mighty Shark placed Bella “Frog Charmer” Trembles. in Jackanory


It would appear that the police report dated 7th March was indeed correct as Bella “Frog Charmer” Trembles. has indeed been spotted on the East coast of the UK.

Eyewitness reports put Bella at the Cromer lifeboat house and it was reported by one of the crew members that Bella was trying to take off with their boat. Luckily the alarm was raised and Bella fled the scene soon after, though she was caught on camera fleeing from the boathouse and heading inland.

The police are still combing the area looking for the fugitive but it appears she is still at large, Indeed it would seem that she is now taunting the police as she emailed them a photo showing that she is hiding out in some woodland so police are warning locals not to wander out alone until either Bella has been caught or they can confirm she is no longer in the area.

Bella at lifeboat house Hiding in Woodland



A Couple of Bobbys are also getting closer to the Robbers…

Dropped OffROSE-&-THISTLE placed Mega PoliceMan; AYRSHIRE in The Smugglers Treasure Chest

Retrieve It from a CacheBumbling Bimblers retrieved D.I.Chramm  from Nottingham Central Library TB Hotel

Hopefully we’ll be able to get near a robber soon!

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