Day 39

After another successful raid on one of the banks a few more Robbers are moving nearer…

Retrieve It from a CacheMuddy_Puddles retrieved Buster “The Punk” from KHWC #17 – Branching Out

Dropped OffMuddy_Puddles placed Buster “The Punk” in SDS – Sign In!

Retrieve It from a Cachesmellyfeet4 retrieved Buster “The Punk”  from SDS – Sign In!

Dropped Offwanderingwells placed Mad Max the Wrestler in Grantham Canal – Gadolinium

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One Response to Day 39

  1. Blast! Police-51 has went rogue from the TB hotel. The crime syndicate may have taken out the helicopter. Okay… not to be beaten down… Alert-2 has been recalled from a patrol in Florida and is being readied for shipment to UK. Orginally as backup… Looks now to be primary upon arrival.

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