Bank Raid!!!!

No sooner was the mess cleared up from the raid earlier in the week, than another robber has robbed The MEGA Bank (Ayrshire). Stealth seems to have been the key to this raid. After being picked up from his Home Cache on Day 2 nothing was heard again until yesterday! But it looked promising…
              Crumbs Grommit, I hope the Bank has a lovely piece of Wensleydale!

This is a big improvement Wallace’s poor performance last year (he went abroad!) and Gromit’s bank raid was aided and abetted by Scottieb0y

Saw this one a while ago, and in effect you need a special invite for it . Low and behold Wallace and Grommit may have had the wrong trousers, but they certainly had the right coords.  Thankfully the guard dog wasn’t on patrol as myself and the little one raided the bank. Swooped in and sneaked out. Almost masters at the art! 

Dropped OffScottieb0y placed Gromit The Bank Robber  in The MEGA Bank (Ayrshire)

He will have a shiny coin and a new label attached and will be onhis way home soon.

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