Day 41

After a successful Bank Raid another Robber is closing in and a PoliceMan that seemed to go missing has turned up ???

Retrieve It from a CacheSquiffs retrieved Mad Max the Wrestler from Grantham Canal – Gadolinium

Dropped OffBlazingOtters placed Police-51 on Patrol (Travel Law Enforcement) in Summit Or Nuthin!

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One Response to Day 41

  1. Seems that some playful “Otters” decided to take the controls of the Police-51 helicopter and do some undocumented flying outside of Scotland. Is this the work of the cHramm syndicate or it’s supporters? Guess they got air sick and set down in Exeter deciding not to cross the channel. Did get credit for an assist on a FTF.

    No worries… we shall seek a new pilot and start some robber clean up from the south as we are hopeful to move northbound. In the meantime, Alert-2 is on the way to backfill aerial support to Police Scotland. Hopefully a good tailwind will help it along on the Trans-Atlantic flight. The Police Authority being disturbed about the crime spree has authorized additional Police assets. West Midlands NPAS has requested a helicopter. In response, the KASCAN & PigsThatFly VAST system has Police-41 in production.

    We have had numerous requests from our non-aviation virtual law enforcement personnel begging to be deployed on special assignment. They are willing to transfer out of their HRU (Hostage Rescue Unit) to assume an SAS or SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) role in the UK.

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